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From the Pastor: Some people don't agree with hunting. That is their right. However, God killed animals to make skins to cover humans after their fall in the garden. (Genesis 3:21). God further promoted the killing of animals when HE instituted animal sacrifice in the Temple worship. Hunters are found throughout the Bible. Our church has a diversity of programs that promote a healthy family dynamic and many youth programs to serve at risk and under privileged youth. If you do not think hunting is right I encourage you to contact your local law makers. Until the laws are changed or those who oppose us financially support us, we WILL continue on as we see fit.

3rd Annual Coyote Hunt


Fundraiser for Lyons Community Church TRIBE Youth Group

24 Hour event starting at 6pm on Jan 18, 2019

2 Howa Game King Pkg for 1st prize winner

Save $25 for pre-registering before January 4, 2019

2 man teams, pre-register for $125 or register on or after January 4, 2019 for $150.

Last year's hunt was a huge success.

We just want to thank all who helped out last year and most importantly to all who participated in making the hunt as big as a success as it was.  Thank You.

Pass along to all your Hunter friends and get in on the action!

Don't forget the Free Chili Dinner to get warmed up afterwards!

Coyote Hunt Pre-Registration


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Price to register after 01/04/2019 will be $150.00