From the Pastor: Some people don't agree with hunting. That is their right. However, God killed animals to make skins to cover humans after their fall in the garden. (Genesis 3:21). God further promoted the killing of animals when HE instituted animal sacrifice in the Temple worship. Hunters are found throughout the Bible. Our church has a diversity of programs that promote a healthy family dynamic and many youth programs to serve at risk and under privileged youth. If you do not think hunting is right I encourage you to contact your local law makers. Until the laws are changed or those who oppose us financially support us, we WILL continue on as we see fit.

Location & Service Times

Lyons Community Church

165 N Kirk Street, Lyons, Indiana

Located just east of Lyons City Park

Service Times

Sunday @ 10:30 am

Sunday @ 6:00 pm

Sunday 6pm Tribe Youth

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Pastor Larry's Corner


Life Improvement of the Day

Love unconditionally. Treat others as you want to be treated not as they deserve. Have enough faith to treat them as if they are already who they should be. Love with reckless abandonment. In this you will find joy

So You Know Me?

Then you know how it breaks my heart when you are not in church. It's about 90 minutes out of your week. In that 90 minutes you mow grass, sleep in, go fishing, or do nothing. Then when troubles hit you want the pastor to be 100% dedicated to you when you were 20% dedicated to the church. You want God to be 100% dedicated to you when you wouldn't be dedicated to Him. I understand there are certain circumstances that may take you for a season but don't forget where your refuge is

Into the Promised Land

This church stands on the far side of the Jordan. Egypt was the land of not enough. We journeyed there for a few years. Then we moved to the wilderness, the land of just enough. We have been there now for awhile. You all are excited because we stand on the far side of Jordan and we view the promised land. The land of more than enough. My question tonight is who is willing to possess the land. Who will wage the spiritual war, fast, pray, and pay the price to take what God has ...given us. Will you remain there in the wilderness and just grumble and complain with your meager fare or are you moving on to the promise land? Our destiny, YOUR destiny is not in Egypt. It is not in the wilderness. Your destiny lies ahead and waits for YOUR move, YOUR praise, YOUR action, and YOUR faith. Now rise up warriors of Jesus Christ and MOVE ON! Don't die in the wilderness. Don't settle for wilderness wonderings when you have been called to possess the land. God formed you, designed you, and equipped you for this very moment. NOW GO!

Weathering the Storm

You need a church because there is strength in numbers and God inhabits the praises of His PEOPLE (plural). You need a preacher because without a preacher how will they hear and the shepherd watches over the sheep. Some people can't weather the storms because they don't place themselves in these places.

Tip for a Happier Life

Spend 20 minutes walking. If you can't do this then spend 20 minutes setting outside with NO PHONES or electronic devices.